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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We'll rob you in your sleep...

Playlist 4/27/2015
Chandelle "It's a War"
Ctr-Alt-Delete "Tides"
Busekrus "Pirates"
AM Namee "The Local Ghost"
Black Square "Onward"
Sideline Hero "Disorder"
Hell Caminos "Old Snake Road"
The Golfcart Rebellion "Carribbean Passion"

Live interview with T. V. Microwave!

Pocket Hero "Tile Floor"
A Hollow Union "Confinement of Man"
Lose Money "4:53am"
Live performance by T. V. Microwave!
Peaking Lights "Infinite Trips"
The Doldrums "Funeral for Lightning"
Hippie Sabotage "Smoking Room"
Purity Ring "Dust Hymn"
Kele "Closer"
Lydia Ainsworth "Candle"
New Weather "Automatic Morning"
Kntrlr "The Great Filter"
New Build "Luminous Freedom"
Miami Horror "Love Like Mine"
Hudson Mowhawke "Chimes (Gammer Re-Edit)"
The Van Allen Belt "Different Storms"
Redinhg "Play With Fire" our pleasure.

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