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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The ghosts step in front of me...

Playlist 4/6/2015
Dark the Suns "Sleepless Angels"
Battles of Mice "Bones in the Water"
Amorphis "Nightbird's Song"
Skepticism "The Curtain"
Funeral "From These Wounds"

Live interview with Storm!

SOL "As the World Burned"
Sideburn "Fire and Water"
Les Discrets "L'Echappee"
Live performance by Storm!

Thou "In Defiance of the Sages"
Craft "Void"
Anorexia Nervosa "Quintessence"
Coroner "Divine Step"
Marduk "Funeral Dawn"
Evoken "An Extrinsic Divide"
Scream Silence "The Antagonist"
Slayer "Raining Blood"
Hades "Pagan Triumph"
...the silent ones creep through me.

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