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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I know sorrow...

Playlist 10/17/14
Dorothy "Wildfire"
Mutts "Real Good Boy"
Ariel Pink "Plastic Raincoats In the Pig Parade"
The Lantern Slides "A Dark Gown You Wear"
Flake Music "On the Playground, In the Wind"
ZKPR "Otter Rock Cafe"
Ryan Hemsworth "Walk Me Home"
Machinedrums "More Than Friends"
Cooly G "Wait 'Til Night"
Royksopp "Sordid Affair"

Live set by The Special Sides!

Laleh "Stars Align" 
The Point "Brokedown Palace"
Museum of Love "In Infancy"
Tosca "Crazy Love"
The Van Allen Belt "Rain"
Austra "Spellwork"
Lindstrom "Eg-ged-osis"
Lydia Ainsworth "Moonstone"
Redinhg "Playing With Fire"
Kasper Bjorke "Marbled Blood"
Blackbird Blackbird "Polaris"
Balletschool "Slow Dream"

...but she's never taken hold.

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