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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

With you here life is much better...

Playlist 7/17/13
ProleteR "Slits"
Huia "Taonga"
The Black Seeds "Pippy Pip"
Lyre Le Temps "Hold the Night"
TrinityRoots "Beautiful People"
Six60 "Finest Wine"
Whirimako Black "Te More"
Fly My Pretties "Shouldn't I Know"
Shapeshifter "Giving Up the Ghost"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Black Bird"
Fly My Pretties "Get Out"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Russia"
Tahuna Breaks "Listen"
Moana and the Moa Hunters "Tahi (Roots Mix)"
Rhombus "So Close"
The Phoenix Foundation "Buffalo"
TrinityRoots "Home, Land and Sea"
Six60 "Lost"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Mother Mother"

...know that I'll wait until I'm old and gray just to see your face again.

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