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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When I was a child, I knew it all...

"If this is an island, than we are the navigators..."

Playlist 5/29/2012
Kimbra "Warrior"
Ladi6 "Like Water"
The Black Seeds "Frostbite"
Six60 "Forever"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Ray Ray"
Salmonella Dub "Pure"
The Black Seeds "Love Me Now"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Rain"
Brother J "Jess"
The Sandals "Theme From Endless Summer"
Aaradhna "Secret Lover"
Shaggy "In the Summertime"
Culver City Dub Collective "The Cave"
Che Fu "Hold Tight"
TrinityRoots "Way I Feel"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Del Fuego"
Twinset "Sweet Thing (ft. Joe Dukie)"
Kimbra "Something In the Way You Are"
Maisey Rika "Reconnect"
Six60 "Don' Forget Your Roots"
Te Vaka "Taku Uo Pele"
Pacific Heights "Peace (ft. Joe Dukie)"
The Black Seeds "Pippy Pip"
Fruko y Orquesta "Cumbia del Caribe"
A. B. Quintanilla II & Kumbia Kings "Mi Gente (ft. Ozomatli)"
Bebel Gilberto "Sem Contempao"
Alacran "Reflejo de Luna"
Asere "Oriente"
El Trip Selector "Coombia del Piano Triste"
Lenine "O Dia Em Qua Faremos Contato"
Fnonnas Pedro "Yiri Yiri Boum"
Jazzanova "Fedime's Flight"

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