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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How deep is your faith in love?

This afternoon at Cromwell's...

Playlist 6/22/2012
The Black Seeds "Dust and Dirt"
Fat Freddy's Drop "This Room"
Nga "Island In the Sun"
Tahuna Breaks "Empower Me"
Barnaby "Bag Of Money"
House of Shem "What About the Children"
Tigilau Ness "From Street to Sky"
Pounamu "Nga Uri a Tangaroa"
Ladi6 "Bang Bang"
Maisey Rika "Ladeda Day"
Joe Dukie "No Memory"
Che Fu "Fade Away"
Daniel Kobialka "Estate"
Chica Libre "Depresion Tropical"
La Chiva Gantiva "La Chiva"
Mendes Brothers "Cor Di Rosa"
Calypso Mama "Yes Yes Yes"
Marcello "Beleza"
Fruko y sus Tesos "E Nuevo Caiman"
Rosalia de Souza "Maria Moita"
Astrud Gilberto "Girl From Ipanema"
Aleh "Sou do Bem"
Rita Lee "Pra Voce Eu Digo Sim (If I Fell In Love)"
Emperor Penguin "Burnt Sienna and Avocado"
Carlinhos Brown "Lagoinha"
Emancipator "Soon It Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires"
Allo Darling "Copricornia"
Culture Cry Wolf "Day of the Dead"
Young Man "Thoughts"
Janel and Anthony "Leaving the Woods"
Pixel "Esset"
MV & EE "Sweet Sure Gone"
The Griswolds "Mississippi"
Still Flyin' "Travelin' Man"
Nihiti "Ghosts and Lovers"
Oceanics "Jukebox"
River City Extension "Ballad of Oregon"
Phoenix Foundation "Buffalo"

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