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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let me sing to you, that's when I feel alive...

Playlist 8/2/2011
Little Bushman "Big Man"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Dark Days"
Hollie Smith & Mara TK "Lives for Living"
Maisey Rika "That Room"
Boozoo Bajou "Take It Slow"
Fly My Pretties "Graden"
Dallas "Better Than Change"
Che Fu "Lightwork"
Opensouls "Standing in the Rain"
Ladi6 "Danger"
King Kapisi "Salvation"
Aaradhna "Secret Lover"
Tiki Taane "Starship Lullaby"
Maisey Rika "Apollo"
The Thomas Oliver Band "Bad Talkin' Man"
Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie "Midnight Marauders"
Ladi6 "Like Water"
Moana "Te Ha"
The Phoenix Foundation "Buffalo"
Recloose "Deeper Waters (ft. Joe Dukie)"
Flip Grater "I Am Gone"
Plum Green "The Roses (Live at Medusa)"
Hollie Smith "Mamma"
TrinityRoots "Way I Feel"
The Veils "The Stars Came Out When The Lights Went Out"
Herbs "Home Grown"
Sola Rosa "Humanised (ft. Bajka)"
Patea Maori Club "Poi E (the Remake)"
Black Rose "Power For the People"
Develo "Lost Love (ft. Erakah & Dei Hamo)"
Shapeshifter "When I Return (ft. Ladi6)"
Nathan Haines "Pathway"
Rhombus "So Close"
Shapeshifter "Long White Cloud (ft. Joe Dukie)"
Tigilau Ness "From Street to Sky"
Maisey Rika "Untouchable"
TrinityRoots "Little Things"
Fat Freddy's Drop "The Raft"
Big Island Conspiracy "Relativity at the Juncture"

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