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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

She took my hands and wrapped her words around me...

Playlist 3/1

Fat Freddy's Drop "Dark Days"
Maisey Rika "Children of Romania"
Ladi6 "Give Me the Light"
Che Fu "Scene III"
King Kapisi "Greener Pastures"
Horsemen Family "Feels Like Magic (ft. Sweet & Irie)
Nesian Mystik "Operation F.O.B."
Sara Jane "Bounz 2 It"
Scribe "Dreaming"
Tassho Pearce "Diamond Head"
Element X "All Aboard"
Tigilau Ness "From Street to Sky"
The Black Seeds "Cool Me Down"
Katchafire "Close Your Eyes"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Big BW"
Tiki Taane "Faded"
TrinityRoots "The Dream"
The Black Seeds "Make A Move"
Joe Dukie & DJ Fichie "This Room"
TrinityRoots "Little Things"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Black Bird (live @ RedBull Live Session)"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Flashback"
Special Live Interview with artist Tim Rose
Tim Rose "Coffee In the Pot"
Tim Rose "Tunnel of Trees"
Tim Rose "Fire Eyes"
Tim Rose "Alone I Drift"
Tim Rose "Glad You're Here"
Paula Fuga "Parachute"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Midnight Marauders"
Jack Johnson "Constellations (with Kaukahi)"


  1. where can i find this dude tim rose's stuff. it was good and cant find it anywhere. help a hawaiian out in indiana, please!

  2. Aloha Marcus! I'm happy you like his music! The cd release is set for March 17th and I believe he'll have it on iTunes. I'll be playing more of his cd this coming Tuesday 3-6pm!

  3. right on. yeah im planning on taking a fat road trip next week, and i figured this is perfect for 24 hour drives. but yeah, ill be listening. thanks!