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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh, how the tide's been turning...

Playlist 2/29
Started like a normal show..then it morphed, like a transformer, like Optimus Prime...

Fat Freddy's Drop "Ray Ray"
Recloose "Robop"
Sola Rosa "Lady Love"
Knights Of the Dub Table "Sing It To Me"
Pohaku "Red"
Katchafire "I Got Ya Back (Drum & Bass Version)"
ʻAipōhaku "Hukiʻia"
Salmonella Dub "Johnny"
Kora "Burning"
Pitch Black "Te Po"
Ooklah the Moc "Only If You Want Me To"
Trinity Roots "Little Things"
Maisey Rika "Apollo"
Te Reotakiwa Dunn "Tuwaiora"
Che Fu "Scene III"
Ladi6 "Danger"
Dallas "Better Than Change"
Mel Parsons "Song For Mrs. King"
The Phoenix Foundation "Buffalo"
Plum Green "The Roses (Live at Medusa)"
Cornershop "United Provinces of India"
Flight of the Conchords "Inner City Pressure"
Florence + The Machine "You Got the Love (The xx Remix)"
Flogging Molly "Selfish Man"
The Dum Dum Girls "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out"
Iron & Wine "Walking Far From Home"
Blind Pilot "One Red Thread"
The Whispertown 2000 "Done With Love"
Tim Rose "I'm Glad You're Here"
White Sea "Mountaineer"
White Lies "Bigger Than Us"
Babylon Central "Come Live With Me"
Chivalias "We've Got Company"
Grizzly Bear "Two Weeks"
Liz Durrett "We Build Bridges"
William Fitzsimmons "If You Would Come Back Home"
Elizabeth & The Catapult "Momma's Boy"
Adam Green "Novotel"
Brandi Carlile "Downpour"
Feist "Se Lion Woman"
Jet "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mahalo nui North Shore!

Big love for the beautiful people of North Shore for helping make our latest KTUH DJ Take-over a success! I had such a fun night and I know I can speak for the rest of the DJs that nights like that are the reason why we're in this business.
Peace & Love,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Art & Flea this Thursday, March 24!

I'll be spinning outside at 5:45pm! See you there!
peace & love,

If you want it, come get it, don't wait for no one...

Playlist 3/22
Spring Break Special
Pitch Black "Sonic Colonic (Tom Cosm Remix)"
Dub Terminator "Big Up Riddim"
Jefferson Belt "The Creeping Tings of the Earth"
Tiki "Nothing But Love (ft. Truth)"
J Star & Dr. Cat "Blessing"
Knights of the Dub Table "Sing It To Me"
Rhombus In Dub & Dem Only "Dem Only Know"
Tiki "King of the Dubs"
Tiki "A Beautiful Mistake (ft. Moana)"
Katchafire "Dub Did It (Mr. Reliable)"
1814 "Morning Star"
Fly My Pretties "Get Out"
Trinity Roots "Home, Land and Sea"
The Phoenix Foundation "Buffalo"
Beres Hammond "Rockaway"
Fiji "In Da Morning"
Ekolu "Down In the Valley"
Manaʻo Company "Drop Baby Drop/Who Loves You Pretty Baby"
Kapena "Masese"
Kolea "Love, Ten Feet Away"
O-Shen "Salt Water Anthem"
Nuff Sed "Life Would Be Perfect"
Beres Hammond "They Gonna Talk"
Kapena "I'm Never Gonna Give You Up"
Tanya Stephens "It's a Pity"
Katchafire "Feels Like"
Pitch Black "Cool Me Down"
Kapena "Reggae Train"
George Hoʻopai "Tumblin' Down"
Savage & Rock City "I Love the Islands"
Rihanna "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)"
Bill Lovelady "One More Reggae For the Road"
Inner Circle "Black Roses"
ziggy Marley "Beach In Hawaiʻi"
Boris Gardiner "I Wanna Wake Up With You"
Shaggy "In the Summertime"
Inner Circle "Down By River"
Beres Hammond "No Disturb Sign"

Happy spring! Be safe and have fun!
peace & love,
dj Native

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tim Rose's CD Release Party!

I'm super excited for Tim's CD Release Party this Thursday! I hope to see all of you there! CDs will be available for purchase and the event is 18 and up. Let's pack the place baby! Support local music :) Check out the event page on FB.
Peace & Love,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Even though you say the ocean's falling from the sky...

Playlist 3/15

Fat Freddy's Drop "The Raft"
Tiki "Soundtrack To Forever"
The Nomad "Give Some Dub"
International Observer "Popcorn"
Che Fu "Rain On the Roof"
Pitch Black "South of the Line"
*Tim Rose "Coup De Foudre"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Del Fuego"
The Phoenix Foundation "Buffalo"
TrinityRoots "Ego's"
*Tim Rose "It Would Feel Damn Good to Be Bad"
Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie "Midnight Marauders"
Ladi6 "Jacknife"
*Tim Rose "Lionfish"
Paula Fuga "Parachute"
Katchafire "Yr Dreaming"
Opensouls "Telephone Song"
Recloose "Emotional Funk"
Tim Rose "Fire Eyes"
Sola Rosa "Poiawhiowhio"
Rhombus "So Close"
Ddub "Making My Way Home"
Unitone HiFi "Up to Eleven"
Dallas "Better Than Change"
Pohaku "Red"
Salmonella Dub "For the Love Of It"
Ooklah the Moc "Sweet Spot"
Jah'licious "Poor Eyes"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Hope (For a Generation)"
Te Reotakiwa Dunn "He Rangi Ataahua"
Tiki "Starship Lullaby"

*World Premiers! music & lyrics by Tim Rose

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I asked myself the other day if I needed you...

Playlist 3/8/11
Fat Tuesday Special Edition

Fat Freddy's Drop "The Nod"
Pitch Black "Sonic Colonic (Tom Cosm Remix)"
Ddub "Making My Way Home"
Sola Rosa "Get It Together"
Tim Rose "Glad You're Here"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Breakthrough"
Maisey Rika "Game of Life"
The Phoenix Foundation "Buffalo"
Dallas "Better Than Change"
Tim Rose "Tunnel of Trees"
Opensouls "Standing In the Rain"
Tiki Taane "A Beautiful Mistake (ft. Moana & The Tribe)"
Sola Rosa, Bajka & Richie Phoe "Lady Love"
Tiki Taane "Come Fly With Me (ft. Sambora)"
Fat Freddy's Drop "The Raft"
The Black Seeds "Struggler's Dub"
Tiki Taane "My Lion (ft. Optimus Gryme)"
Konu "This Life I Lead"
Tim Rose "Alone I Drift"
Rhombus In Dub & Dem Only "Dem Only Know"
The Red Eyes & Deep Friend "Arms Over Jordan"
Sudden Rush "I Remember"
Trinity Roots "Little Things"
Beres Hammond "Rockaway"
Che Fu "Hold Tight"
Tim Rose "Coffee In the Pot"
Katchafire "Feels Like"
Tiki Taane "Kaitiaki (ft. Uekaha Taane)" & "Soundtrack To Forever (ft. Bulletproof)"
TrinityRoots "Longs I For You"

In remembrance of Uncle Kahauanu Lake who passed away on Sunday, March 6.
Kahauanu Lake Trio "Pua Lililehua"
Kahauanu Lake Trio "Huʻehuʻe"
Kahauanu Lake Trio "Home Kapaka"
Kahauanu Lake Trio "Pua Ahihi"
Kahauanu Lake Trio "Mi Nei"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

She took my hands and wrapped her words around me...

Playlist 3/1

Fat Freddy's Drop "Dark Days"
Maisey Rika "Children of Romania"
Ladi6 "Give Me the Light"
Che Fu "Scene III"
King Kapisi "Greener Pastures"
Horsemen Family "Feels Like Magic (ft. Sweet & Irie)
Nesian Mystik "Operation F.O.B."
Sara Jane "Bounz 2 It"
Scribe "Dreaming"
Tassho Pearce "Diamond Head"
Element X "All Aboard"
Tigilau Ness "From Street to Sky"
The Black Seeds "Cool Me Down"
Katchafire "Close Your Eyes"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Big BW"
Tiki Taane "Faded"
TrinityRoots "The Dream"
The Black Seeds "Make A Move"
Joe Dukie & DJ Fichie "This Room"
TrinityRoots "Little Things"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Black Bird (live @ RedBull Live Session)"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Flashback"
Special Live Interview with artist Tim Rose
Tim Rose "Coffee In the Pot"
Tim Rose "Tunnel of Trees"
Tim Rose "Fire Eyes"
Tim Rose "Alone I Drift"
Tim Rose "Glad You're Here"
Paula Fuga "Parachute"
Fat Freddy's Drop "Midnight Marauders"
Jack Johnson "Constellations (with Kaukahi)"